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About Diversified

The Diversified Group of companies specializes in the development, marketing and management of residential and resort properties in Spain and Argentina.

The group currently services and actively markets holiday resorts and exclusive properties on the Costa del Sol. Diversified Resorts offers numerous holiday packages and vacation ownership options for well-known holiday resorts and over 30,000 member families enjoy holidays at a resort promoted by Diversified Resorts.

The real estate division, Diversified Properties, offers a large selection of properties in Andalucía, the most southern region of mainland Spain. These services are promoted in ten languages reaching clientele from Europe to Asia. With over 22,000 property listings, contacts with some of the largest banking institutions in Spain and exclusive promotions of the most luxurious and discounted real estate, Domus Venari has rapidly expanded into a market leader in the Spanish property market. The group is also involved in international property development.

Other group companies offer workable solutions for resort management, software development, networking, graphic and web design, and universal marketing and management consultancy.

Diversified's proven track record combined with its relentless drive to improve and expand its business with new innovations makes it uniquely qualified to continue its leadership role in these expanding and exciting fields.

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